Wedding King Cakes in Houston, TX for a Royal Wedding Celebration

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Celebrate Like Royalty with Wedding King Cakes in Houston, TX

Couples choose their cake depending on their wedding theme, preferences and personality. There are many kinds of cakes to choose from. Regardless you will have a small or large wedding; you can always hire a bakeshop to provide you with the cake that can be enjoyed by your guests.


A lot of couples would opt for a large, layered and elegant wedding cake thinking that the bigger the cake, the more sophisticated their wedding will appear. However, if you are going to have a small and intimate wedding, you can always go for unique and colorful wedding king cakes in Houston, TX.

Wedding king cakes are becoming in demand nowadays most especially for couples who are looking for something different to serve their guests. King cakes are originally a ring of dough with small decorations and are served during the Feast of the Epiphany. Today, king cakes are in demand for many celebrations including a wedding that are also being served by the wedding caterers.

You can find a wide array of king cakes in grocery stores, bakeries and delis. If you want, you can also customize wedding king cakes in Houston, TX and decorate it with the colors that you want. You can incorporate your theme color to the cake. You can talk to your local baker to create a cake that can cater to the number of guests that you have.

Wedding king cakes in Houston, TX are available in a wide array of flavors that you can choose from. It is available in flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and many more. You can also add various toppings such as nuts, fruits and icing to make it look more attractive.

By havingĀ best king cake in Houston for your wedding day, you will feel like a royalty celebrating a royal wedding party. Visit your local bakery and see what kind of king cake your baker can provide you with.