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Why The Wedding Cake Must Be Special

CakeThe cake becomes the start of the cake slicing ritual which signifies the sharing of the couple. There is a saying that the bigger the bite in the cake, the sweeter the love will grow. The cake signifies the sweetness of the couple and the abundance of their love. The act of the groom serving the cake to his wife is a sign that he promises to provide for the family no matter how the odds may be. The act of the bride serving the cake to her groom signifies that she would wholeheartedly be of service to her husband and be a mother to their children. These acts are the reasons why the top wedding cake must be special.After the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception comes in. It is one of the most awaited moments of the guests where they will take part of. They will not only enjoy the reception venue, the amazing food prepared but they will also cheer on the wedding rituals such as the slicing of the cake, dove release, well wishing, toasts, bouquet and garter throw and finally the money dance or the last dance of the couple. The attention of the guests will now be divided and not only they will focus on the couple but on the venue, the food and the amazingly baked cake.

There are different types of wedding cakes that the couple could choose from. There are 3D cakes, traditional cakes, bouquet type cakes, custom cakes and mini cup cakes. All of these styles are made to emphasize how special a cake should be in a wedding. The cakes have different flavors and the factors that make them beautiful are the fondant, butter cream, rice krispies, icing, etc. They add to the color and liveliness of the cake. The 3D cakes are expensive but they make the wedding more fun. Guests do not only aim to taste the cake but to take a picture with it because of its fascinating features. Traditional cakes, on the other hand, shows the personalities of the couple. Its elegance marks the classic feel and the simplicity of the celebration. Traditional cakes focus more on the taste since it aims to feed the guests. Bouquet type cakes are specially made for garden weddings. It makes the cake blend in with its environment adding to its beauty. Custom cakes are adventurous type of cakes. The couple could do anything with it. Mini cupcakes act not only as wedding cakes but also as giveaways. This is a very smart giveaway for it will not only remind the guests of the wedding but also satisfy their palates.

Another reason why custom wedding cakes must be special is because it does not only act as a dessert but as a centerpiece of the whole venue. Its design will highlight the venue more and make the guests feel fascinated and overwhelmed. This is a kind of edible decoration that people especially kids would enjoy. It is the center of attraction of the reception.

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